Does Roosevelt Avenue Need a BID?


    A controversy is brewing on Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights and Corona, where some residents want to expand the existing Business Improvement District while many business owners are against it. The NY Daily News reports that a proposed Jackson Heights Corona BID would span from 82nd to 114th Street on Roosevelt Avenue, taking in around 4,000 businesses. The current BID, the 82nd Street Partnership, currently encompasses eight blocks of the neighborhood and includes 125 businesses. The expanded BID is part of a “New Deal” initiative for Roosevelt Avenue, which addresses resident complains concerning safety issues, poor lighting and cleanliness. But business owners worry the BID will spur gentrification and push longtime tenants out. The owner of Terraza 7, a bar and jazz club, claims: “They want to clean Roosevelt Avenue of that diversity.” Business owners are also worried about already rising rents, and BIDs require businesses to pay an extra fee in exchange for sanitation, security, and other quality of life services. As a landlord told the News, “We have to find ways to preserve our local flavor… Not allow gentrification to happen.”

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