Flushing Residents Blast McMansion Going up on the Block


    Construction on a McManion is happening at 146-15 56th Road, and nearby Flushing residents are less than thrilled. The Times Ledger reports that the home, completely legal within the current zoning, replaced a one-family house surrounded by rows of modest townhouses. The new construction will come in at 2,290 square feet; the previous home measured 899 square feet. The next door neighbor to the construction project said, “It has destroyed the neighborhood. If they got permits to do that, what stops others?” Apparently the development, which should wrap this spring, has triggered “a mass exodus” from the block. Residents feel that this construction is just one example of a wider problem throughout the entire neighborhood.

    There’s talk from local pols of seeking a rezoning in the area, much like the 2010 Astoria rezoning passed to preserve the existing scale and character of that neighborhood. As Councilman Peter Koo told the Ledger, “I will not stand idly by while the character of our neighborhood is threatened by out-of-scale development. I will be meeting with the Department of City Planning soon to discuss this issue and to explore all possible options, including rezoning, to prevent instances like this from becoming unsightly patterns in our community.”

    Flushing Neighbors Blast New House on Block [Times Ledger]

    Photo by Alex Robinson for Times Ledger

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