City Planning Underway for Select Bus Service on Woodhaven Boulevard


    The folks at the QueensWay share some great news in regards to public transportation options in Queens. According to the New York State DOT Federal Fiscal Year 2014-18 Transportation Improvement Program report [PDF], the city is now in the planning process to install Select Bus Service along Woodhaven Boulevard. SBS, first implemented in New York in 2008, reduces travel time by creating dedicated bus lanes. Other features include high-visibility stations (pictured), new vehicles and a faster fare collection system. The report shows that the city laid out these plans over a five year period, with costs projected between $9,500,000 and $15,500,000. The preliminary design began in spring 2013 and detailed design will begin this spring. Construction could start as soon as January 2015.

    The Pratt Center for Community Development, in a study released last year, picked eight different corridors in New York that would particularly benefit from SBS — of the eight corridors listed, Woodhaven Boulevard is tied for first.

    Bus Rapid Transit on Woodhaven Blvd [Friends of the Queensway]

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