A Hostel for the Former Pan Am Hotel


    The Pan Am Hotel sold and shuttered this January, and now it has been reborn as a hotel/hostel hybrid. (The rumors of the building becoming a homeless shelter were apparently unfounded.) Queens Crap spotted the new website which offers, as you can see above, bunk bed dormitories as well as private rooms. There’s also a common area with couches, foosball, a kitchen, TV and a pingpong table. The website doesn’t reveal any details on pricing, but we reached out to the new owners to find out more details. Hopefully the hostel element will make this incarnation of the Pan Am Hotel more successful than the previous one.

    The Pan Am was listed in early 2013 for $24,250,000, or for $40,350,000 as part of a larger assemblage that included the entire block. It’s unclear if the new owner purchased just the hotel, or the entire assemblage.

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