Elmhurst Hospital Celebrated Its Brand New Women’s Pavilion Today


    The above photo of Borough President Katz comes from the opening of the new Women’s Pavilion at Elmhurst Hospital. The 17,370-square-foot outpatient healthcare facility debuted today, according to Queens Courier. The two-story facility holds 18 exam rooms, two reception areas and a space for childbirth, breastfeeding, nutrition and diabetes education classes — Elmhurst Hospital expects to accommodate 15 percent more patients here. The pavilion will offer health services like walk-in pregnancy testing, prenatal care, HIV counseling and testing, genetic counseling, high-risk pregnancy and postpartum services.

    The space, located directly across from the main hospital building, should begin accepting patients on June 1st.

    Elmhurst Hospital Celebrates Opening of new Women’s Pavilion [Queens Courier] GMAP

    Photo via Twitter

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