Learning may soon be the only sweet thing at Queens girls school


    First, you take away boys, then, you take away sugar. What’s a girl to do?

    The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria is going on a crusade against sweets, The Daily News reports. The institution has done away with chocolate milk in favor of water and is using agave and honey to flavor dishes for its middle, elementary and high school students.

    This women’s temperance movement extends further. The paper reports “many of the school’s roughly 500 students have also pledged to eat better.”

    The resistance movement, led by Kathie (High Voltage) Dolgin will soon take a Carrie Nation-like hatchet to the school’s vending machines as well.  Dropping some knowledge, Dolgan told the Daily News: “Sugar is America’s No. 1 drug and it has no business in our schools.”

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