Closing Bell: A Continued Push for Trash Pickup in Astoria


    Assemblymember Aravella Simotas, Senator Michael Gianaris, and Councilmember Costa Constantinides just re-iterated their call for cleaner streets in western Queens, after they held a rally in Astoria on the matter last fall. They are now asking Mayor de Blasio for additional trash pickup throughout Astoria. Currently, the area receives only one overnight pick up each day from Monday through Saturday, down from three daily pick ups in past years. The pols propose an additional trash pick up between 11am and 7pm when the majority of trash is generated. As Assemblymember Simotas stated, “My primary goal is to ensure that western Queens receives, at the very least, the same level of service as the rest of the city.”

    Councilman Constantinides also commented on the matter, saying “I’ve heard from residents time and again about the depth of their frustration over how dirty our streets have become. Overflowing trash baskets end up littering our streets and impacting our quality of life, forcing residents to jump over garbage on their way to work. Business owners are also forced to attend to litter outside their doors rather than to their patrons. Additional pick-ups will make our streets substantially cleaner.”

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