Update: Bus driver Tony Q69 has a fake twitter account, pix11 investigates


    Many of you have probably seen the sign war between two people fighting over Tony, a bus driver on the Q69 route in Astoria, but now CBS news is investigating. Tony is a married man, and an upset passenger thinks he led her on and she is not willing to forgive him. Another person has come to his defense.

    “I won’t forget your famous line, ‘Married men are lonely, too,” the initial jilted woman wrote on signs that showed up along the route. Why Leave Astoria? featured a photo of a sign responding to the first woman’s signs by insulting her. Our question is, who has time and glue enough to do this kind of thing? It’s been going on for TWO YEARS according to CBS.

    Colleagues at the La Guardia Depot — who are carefully guarding Tony’s identity — said he continues to work the route. They said he had admitted to swapping phone numbers with the woman, but said he did not have an affair.

    Moral of the story: 1) Don’t give crazy people your phone number, 2) Despite appearances, Q69 is not a mobile dating service and 3) If you want revenge, get some paste.

    UPDATE: This just in from Why Leave Astoria? Tony now has a fake Twitter account, and Pix11 went looking for him.

    [blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/TONY_Q69/status/199505410326138880″]

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