Temporary Restraining Order at 5Pointz Is Extended 14 Days


    Here’s another small victory for 5Pointz artists: the judge added another 14 days to the existing restraining order against building owners G&M Realty. This comes after the judge granted a 10 day restraining order due to the artists filing a federal court lawsuit against G&M. So for now the building is protected from demolition until November 12th. According to LIC Post, “The judge, Frederic Block, also called for a hearing as a means to determine whether he should issue a preliminary injunction. A preliminary injunction, if granted, would stop Wolkoff from demolishing the building until the lawsuit was resolved, which could take well over a year.”

    The artists filed the lawsuit under the Visual Artists Rights Act, which gives certain visual artists the right to claim ownership of a work on a building. Wolkoff’s attorneys, on the other hand, are arguing that the grafitti artists always knew the building was going to be demolished, leaving little reason to believe the art would remain permanently up.

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    Photo by 4rilla

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