Breaking: Apple Store Not Opening at 247 Bedford Avenue After All?


    A for-rent sign has gone up on the corner of the building under renovation at 247 Bedford Avenue, where Brooklyn’s first Apple store is supposed to be opening.

    The sign went up yesterday, according to a tipster who passed by and saw it and sent us this photo.

    There were no construction workers at the site and no work happening when he passed by at 8:45 am, he said.

    “I wonder if this means that the Apple Store deal is dead?” he said.

    We have reached out to the brokers and building owners for comment and will update when we hear back. The building is large and has other units with other tenants — although this sign does look as if it refers to the corner space specifically.

    The New York Post reported in December that Apple had signed a lease for a 20,000 square foot space on the corner.

    RedSky Capital and Waterbridge Capital bought the building for $66,000,000 in 2012.

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