Affordable Units Arrive Following November ‘Warehousing’ Protest at Williamsburg Buildings

301 Hooper Street. Photo via NYC Housing Connect


Four months after tenants and activists protested outside two apartment buildings in Williamsburg, an affordable housing lottery has opened for a number of units in the buildings.

The lottery opened for 11 apartments across two six-story buildings, located at 293 and 301 Hooper Street, between Broadway and South 5th Street.

293 Hooper Street. Photo via NYC Housing Connect

Of the affordable apartments, there is a single studio, six two-bedroom units and four three-bedroom units. Monthly rents start at $1,117 and top out at $2,121. The listing adds that tenants at 293 Hooper pay for just electricity, while tenants at 301 Hooper pay for gas and electricity. 

The lottery is set at an area median income range of 80 percent. Eligible incomes range between $43,303 and $112,800 for households of two to seven people.

Chart via NYC Housing Connect

In November 2020, the buildings were the target of protests from neighborhood residents and tenant activists who said the owners of the building were warehousing 11 units. Coincidentally, 11 units have now popped up in the affordable lottery. The owners include NYC Housing Partnership, an affordable housing nonprofit whose vice president, Daniel Marks Cohen, is currently running for a city council seat in Manhattan

Another owner is NY Quality Housing LLC. That LLC is associated with Robert Rosenberg and the building’s unnamed sponsor (they are probably one and the same), according to a legal agreement between the owners and New York City to preserve the units in the building as affordable housing. Affordable units would be renovated no later than August 2020, according to that agreement, which gives the landlord a partial tax exemption lasting 40 years.

If interested, applications for the affordable housing lottery must be submitted by April 7, 2021. Apply through NYC Housing Connect.

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