Park Slope’s Pavilion Theater Still Stinks


    Last we checked new owners took over the Pavilion Movie Theatre on Prospect Park West, a theater previously plagued with many issues. The interior was supposed to receive a major upgrade, but according to a recent reader’s report, this joint is still not up to snuff:

    Yesterday we went to see a movie and the theater had no heat. The whole lobby was littered with tons of cardboard boxes, like a big candy shipment for the concession that hadn’t been unpacked. The lobby was freezing, though the theater itself (at least the one showing Silver Linings Playbook) was warm enough to take a coat off. Not only that, they refused to discount tickets while the heat is off. $12 on a rainy February Monday night for a movie theater without heat. Here is a picture of a sign in the box office window.

    He also said that it didn’t look like any renovations had taken place, although he just saw the first floor – “The interior looked a little disheveled but nothing major.” They also had to look for someone to take their tickets, and some of the electronic signage by the different theaters did not have a movie name indicating what was showing on that screen. The signage just read “POWER.” Yikes. What negative or positive experiences can you report since new management took over?

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