Last Week’s Biggest Sales


    1. BROOKLYN HEIGHTS $2,700,000
    6 Grace Court Alley GMAP
    6 Grace Court Alley was a HOTD in January. It was asking the exact price it brought in, $2,700,000. What’s interesting is what will happen to this prop in the future: it is currently configured as a three-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment on the second floor and a four-car garage on the first. Wonder if the buyers will renovate and expand into the first floor. Entered into contract on 3/27/11; closed on 5/19/11; deed recorded on 6/3/2011.

    2. BROOKLYN HEIGHTS $1,680,000
    360 Furman Street, #1136 GMAP
    This three-bed, two-and-a-half bath unit was asking $1,750,000. Entered into contract on 3/23/11; closed on 5/16/2011; deed recorded on 6/1/11.

    3. PARK SLOPE $1,575,000
    304 5th Street GMAP
    This three-fam was asking $1,650,000 in November of 2010 then soon decreased to $1,575,000. It was on the market 56 days before it sold. It’s configured as an owner’s duplex with a top floor rental. Entered into contract on 1/4/2011; closed on 4/15/2011; deed recorded on 6/2/11.
    See #4 and #5 on the jump…

    4. PROSPECT PARK SOUTH $1,530,000
    91 Rugby Road GMAP
    A pretty big sale for the neighborhood. 91 Rugby Road, a beautiful Victorian, was first asking $1,425,000 then increased to $1,575,000. Sold somewhere in between! This home also has a two bed, one bath rental unit. Entered into contract on 2/15/2011; closed on 5/12/2011; deed recorded on 6/1/11.

    5. PARK SLOPE $1,520,000
    438 12th Street, #6C GMAP
    This looks to be the final unit sold at Park Slope’s Ansonia. It also sold over ask; way back in 2006 it was asking $1,365,000 and then came back to the market in 2011 for $1,495,000. This is a three bed, two bath unit. Entered into contract on 3/8/2011; closed on 5/24/11; deed recorded on 6/3/11.

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