Fourth Avenue Getting Greener


    The Park Slope Civic Council posted a report on the summer progress of Forth on Fourth Avenue, a committee working to improve the 4th Avenue thoroughfare. They’ve planted 31 trees between Carroll and Bergen streets on Fourth Avenue and 32 trees on Sackett Street between Fourth and Fifth avenues. They are also working with the group GreenSpace to finally open up the long-promised community garden in the empty lot at Sackett Street and Fourth Avenue. The group’s efforts to draft a license and memorandum of understanding with the city are finally near completion. Once the community has access to the lot, it plans to focus on native plantings. FOFA also formed an initiative to advocate saving the Church of the Redeemer, the church on the corner of 4th and Pacific slated for demolition. According to FOFA, “The possible loss of the church also prompted discussion about identifying and protecting structures along Fourth Avenue that have historic and cultural significance to the area.” Finally the group has held on-the-ground surveys to gather greening suggestings for the Department of Transportation. The DOT plans to hold public forums this winter concerning street treatments and medians on the stretch of Fourth Avenue from Times Plaza to 15th Street.
    No Summer Recess for FOFA [Park Slope Civic Council]

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