DEP getting new dock in Newtown Creek, Greenpoint getting expanded park


According to a presentation given recently by the NYC Department of Environmental Protection at a Newtown Creek Community Advisory Group meeting the phase out a 800,000-gallon sludge storage tank and dock in Greenpoint is moving forward. DEC will replace the dock and tank, which has been in place since 1967, with new infrastructure that is around the corner from the Greenpoint dock on the Newtown Creek and is much closer to the wastewater treatment plant that produces the sludge. This move makes room for an expanded Newtown Park and is a step in the the much larger Greenpoint Williamsburg Waterfront Access Plan.

Google has captured a good picture of a DEP boat docked at the storage tank in Greenpoint (GMAP).


You’ve seen the DEP sludge boats a million times going up and down the East River.

NYC DEP sludge boat
 Photo Courtesy Mitch Waxman

The Greenpoint WIlliamsburg Waterfront Access Plan is pretty extensive. This is a detail of the area where the storage tank is located.

Greenpoint-Williamsburg Waterfront Access Plan


The DEP boats will have to turn the corner, up the Newtown Creek to get to the new dock.

East River Sludge Loading Facility
Source: NYC DEP

The new dock is being built in a little waterway, which juts off Newtown Creek, called Whale Creek.

Whalre Creek Canal Loading Dock
Source: NYC DEP

Some sediment will be removed from the Newtown Creek to make it safer for the boats to navigate to the new dock.Newtown Creek Maintenance Dredging Areas

Source: NYC DEP

When you add all this together, the construction of the new dock, the removal of sediment, and the demolition of the tank, the land is scheduled to be available for transformation into parkland in mid-2014…

EAST RIVER tank removel Schedule3
Source: NYC DEP


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