Photographer Capturing Gowanus’s Resilient Nature Seeks Funding for Book Via Kickstarter


    Coignet Building before Whole Foods was built next door

    Perhaps nowhere is nature’s resilience so impressive as in Gowanus, where, despite centuries of human pollution, life still finds a way.

    Soon after moving to Brooklyn, photographer Miska Draskoczy quickly realized this and became enchanted by what he found to be an eerie vibe in the neighborhood. During late-night walks near the canal, he was inspired by the “odd bits of nature clinging to the edges of things.”

    Draskoczy began documenting the striking contrasts of nature in the industrial neighborhood and over time his photographs grew into a project that has now been exhibited at the Brooklyn Public Library among other galleries and institutions.

    Now, Draskoczy is seeking help via Kickstarter to fund a book of his photos entitled Gowanus Wild. With 11 days to go, the fundraiser has received just over $8,000 of its $12,000 goal. Backers are offered rewards ranging from a special collector’s edition of the book to a private tour of the Gowanus.

    To contribute, or watch Draskoczy’s dramatic promotion video, give his Kickstarter page a visit here.

    Gowanus Wildlife KickstarterGowanus Wild limited edition bookd

    Gowanus Wild Kickstarter

    Photographer Miska Draskoczy at work

    Gowanus wild kickstarter

    Tulip Ruin

    gowanus wild kickstarter

    Moon Dock

    [Photos: Miska Draskoczy]

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