Lookie Loo: Habana Outpost’s Bathroom Best in the U.S.?


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    Evidently there’s an America’s Best Restroom contest, and Habana Outpost on Fulton Street is one of 10 finalists in the competition. The Fort Greene restaurant was just named the greenest storefront in Brooklyn, but here’s why its bathrooms are so special: “The restrooms at Habana Outpost feature a glass roof over-head with hanging plants and the galvanized walls. The ‘green’ toilets flush with rainwater! Water is collected through a series of rain gutters and stored in a holding tank where it is filtered and then redirected to the toilets, saving thousands of gallons of water every week. Architecture students designed the system as part of a design program called Urban Studio Brooklyn which is part of the non-profit Habana Works.” There’s some stiff competition in the contest, though. For example, a Las Vegas bathroom features a piece of the Berlin Wall holding the urinals. Wanna show your Brooklyn bathroom pride? Then vote here.

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