Checking in at the Caledonian Hospital Conversion


    A reader sent in this photo wondering what’s up at the Caledonian Hospital conversion at 100 Parkside Avenue, a project we haven’t checked up on since developers announced plans here last spring. According to city records, developer Joseph Chetrit and architect Karl Fischer are still on the project. Since then, our tipster reports, they’ve added a two-story addition and have blown out most of the walls. But it’s hard to gather a scope of the plans from Department of Building records alone. The DOB approved the two-story addition and the conversion into 122 residential units in January 2012. (In 2011 the Wall Street Journal reported that there would be 270 rental and condo units here.) And in August of 2011, the DOB approved the full demolition of a portion of the hospital building, referred to as “Building D.” Then the developers filed plans this summer to put up a new eight-story residential building on the Building D site. That building would have 133 units, bringing the total units in the development to 255. The DOB, however, disapproved those plans. So as far as we can gather, the actual building conversion is moving along, but the new building addition is currently held up. Looks like it may take awhile before this one hits the market.
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