NY Times Looks at Cobble Hill, Prospect Lefferts Gardens


    Over the long weekend the New York Times directed its attention to both Cobble Hill and Prospect Lefferts Gardens. So what’s happening over there? In Cobble Hill, buyers are coming in from Manhattan and reconfiguring multi-families into one-family homes. Roy Sloane, the president of the Cobble Hill Association, praised new owners for moving in and returning renovated townhouses back to the original design. The low inventory is pushing up prices — case in point, 223 Warren Street, priced at $6 million and already in contract, as we wrote last week. (Curbed says the deal has already closed.) Over in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, the Times shares a few historical, architectural and shopping details about the neighborhood. Takeaway quote: “On an ordinary afternoon the streets are nearly empty and close to silent until they abut Flatbush Avenue, once called “Vlacke Bos” — Dutch for wooded plain — and today busy with Indian takeout restaurants, hair salons and ethnic boutiques. It’s an eclectic array that matches the diversity of the area’s residents.”
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    Prospect Lefferts Gardens by kthread

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