Huge Changes in Store for Clinton Hill Block


    Developers are eyeing the block of Lefferts Place between Grand and Classon avenues, and if the plans come to fruition that stretch of Clinton Hill will be thoroughly transformed. DOB permits were filed (although not all have been approved) for the empty lot at 135 Lefferts Place; 76-90 Lefferts Place, the huge empty lot long eyed by developers; and 92-96 Lefferts Place, where the old home was demolished last year. First up: 135 Lefferts Place, on the northeast corner of Classon. A reader got his hands on the zoning documents, pictured above, which show plans for a four-story, eight-family residency. The DOB approved those plans last month but has not yet issued building permits. The lot is still quiet as of now. Secondly, 92-96 Lefferts, where the old green home was demolished in the summer: The owners here submitted plans for a four-story, eight-unit build at No. 92, a four-story, three-unit build at No. 94, and another four-story, three-unit build at No. 96. The DOB ultimately disapproved all those plans this fall. Finally, the doozie, the huge forever-empty lot at 76-90 Lefferts Place: The developer submitted plans for seven four-story, three-unit townhouses. The architect listed is Grasso Menziuso. The DOB disapproved all those plans in December. This lot sold over the summer to the development group Ore International. A previous plan to rezone the land for a low-income independent living facility for seniors here was shot down. Looks like this new townhouse plan will not require any rezoning. All together, this makes for eleven proposed buildings in a one block span! As far as we can tell, each of these three lots are under different ownership.

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