More Details on the Bid for a Broken Angel Museum


    Since news broke about the Kickstarter campaign to turn Clinton Hill’s Broken Angel building into a museum, a few readers have written in wondering about more specifics of the foreclosure and the future of the building. We emailed with Chris Wood, Broken Angel owner Arthur Wood’s son. He writes:

    To answer your questions about the fate of this house the foreclosure on Broken Angel is not final. As to the possibility of turning Broken Angel into a museum, $50,000 will not be enough to turn it into a museum, but we will use the money to preserve an archive of [Arthur’s] works for viewing at a later date and form a not-for-profit so we can receive grant money in that end. We will display the first 1000 backers work on the front of the building where it will be viewed by all who pass by.

    The bank is in possession of the home but Wood says it is being appealed. Arthur has not been evicted. Currently $1,684 of the $50,000 goal has been reached through Kickstarter.
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