Cadman Park War Memorial to Be Renovated, Reopened

Photo: Barbara Eldredge


    Closed for 25 years, Cadman Park’s War Memorial is finally being renovated back to life.

    In a collaboration between the Brooklyn Borough President’s Office, the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, and the Cadman Park Conservancy, the Brooklyn War Memorial will be made ADA compliant (it closed because it wasn’t handicapped accessible).

    The War Memorial sits in the middle of Cadman Park, on the border of Brooklyn Heights and Downtown Brooklyn, between Cadman Plaza West and East, with the BQE to the north and Tillary Street to the south.

    cadman plaza war memorial

    In addition to bringing the memorial up to code, the project will also add 27,600 square feet of event space to the memorial, bringing in a roof terrace and exhibition center. The  Wall of Honor will be restored.

    The development is budgeted to cost $11,800,000, plus an additional $3,800,000 for an adjoining landscaping project. The Borough President has already committed $1 million to the renovation and $500,000 to landscaping in the 2016 capital budget.

    The collaborators have produced a 31-page feasibility study regarding the memorial renovation. It is also part of the group’s Brooklyn Strand plan to knit together green spaces in Downtown Brooklyn.

    cadman plaza war memorial

    Brooklyn War Memorial

    Photo: Barbara Eldredge

    [Slides: Brooklyn War Memorial Feasibility Study]

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