Last Week’s Biggest Sales


    1. WILLIAMSBURG $1,210,190.13
    22 North 6th Street, #19D + storage GMAP P*Shark
    Not much info on this Edge sale, except that it came with a storage unit! Entered into contract on 9/9/11; closed on 10/14/11; deed recorded on 11/10/2011.

    2. DUMBO $1,150,000
    70 Washington Street, #5A GMAP P*Shark
    This is a one bed plus home office. According to the listing, it comes in at “a sprawling 1342 SF.” Entered into contract on 5/13/11; closed on 5/13/11; deed recorded on 11/09/2011.

    3. BENSONHURST $1,142,500
    130 Bay 10th Street GMAP P*Shark
    This is a one to two family home sold with an attached garage. Entered into contract on 7/13/11; closed on 9/19/11; deed recorded on 11/07/2011.

    4. BAY RIDGE $1,010,000
    132 98th Street GMAP P*Shark
    A one-family home at 2,819 square feet. Entered into contract on 7/6/11; closed on 10/5/11; deed recorded on 11/10/2011.

    5. COBBLE HILL $905,000
    86 Congress Street, #208 + parking space GMAP P*Shark
    This is the first time in a long time we can remember the biggest sales dropping below the $1M mark. This unit at 86 Congress Street came with a parking space. This is definitely not the highest closing price for the condo building, a double unit sold there for $1,400,000. Entered into contract on 7/15/11; closed on 9/6/11; deed recorded on 11/09/2011.

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