Fresh Greens: Leafy Colors Bring a Pop to Designs by Brooklyn Makers


    Brooklyn makers go green, fabricating designs from dinnerware to wallpaper in leafy hues. Some objects are not only green in color but also easy on the environment.

    bodenner collection

    Photo by Graham Friedman for The Boddener Collection

    Made out of recycled cassette tapes, Mixtape fabric by Scott Bodenner for The Boddener Collection is green in both color and origin.

    Tack Stool by Uhuru Design. Photo via Uhuru Design

    Fabricated in powder-coated aluminum, the Tack Stool from Red Hook’s Uhuru Design can work as a table, pedestal or perch.


    Photo by Susan De Vries

    Folds and drips accentuate high-temperature-fired porcelain tableware in Turquoise Surf by Kevin Wilcoxson of Greenpoint-based Wilcoxson Brooklyn Ceramics.

    flat vernacular

    Vetiver Tiger wallpaper by Flat Vernacular

    Made in Connecticut by Flat Vernacular, which got its start in Brooklyn in 2010, Burma Vetiver Tiger wallpaper is printed with low VOC inks and is strippable.

    lunette vase

    Lunette Tudor Vase by Morgan Peck from Fredericks and Mae

    The Lunette Tudor Vase is handmade of clay and glass frit by Morgan Peck in Los Angeles and available from Crown Heights shop and design studio Fredericks and Mae.

    Editor’s note: A version of this story appeared in the Spring/Summer 2020 issue of Brownstoner magazine. It was completed before the pandemic.

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