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Hello fellow Brownstoners! My new housekeeper told me I should get a vacuum cleaner which can be used to not only clean my hardwood floors but also to clean the woodwork in my hard (i.e. wainscotting, moldings, fretwork) that collects dusts like nobody’s business. Any suggestions for a good vacumm cleaner to purchase for this purpose, or additional wood cleaning, dusting tips??? Thanks!


We are in a 100 year old brownstone building that has quarter sawn oak and mahogany flooring with other wood we cant identify.

Does anyone know what types of wood are commomly used for these type of parquet floor borders since no one we show it to seems to agree to their identity?

Most of the patching are long strips of fairly plain and soft wood outlining the border that sucks up a lot of stain showing some blotches but not a lot of grain.

Thank you for any educated guesses you might have to common types of old or new wood that could be found for patches these days.



In the process of renovating our kitchen we notice that the wood used on the stairs is green. Our Brownstone was built in the late 1800’s. Does anyone know what type of wood this is?



I have this great looking Alexander Rose Pine Farmers High Back Bench 5ft for sell. Space for up to 3 people. Its almost brand new and in great shape.
Material: Wood
Surfaces: Polished,Untreated Dimensions: 75 x 157 x 110 cm

It looks a bit like this one here:

Let me know if you are interested. Price negotiable.


hi all-
anyone have a recommendation on someone who can build some big beefy floating shelves for our kitchen? we already have some heavy duty brackets in place…just need a reasonably priced woodworker/carpenter to create the actual shelves from multiple pieces of wood. thanks all.


I have a used Porter Cable profile sander, with about six profiles, which I am giving away. I will give this machine to the first person to email me. Free delivery to North Brooklyn and Park Slope.

My email can be found on my website:



hey everyone, okay, so I decided I was going to make my own wooden frame for my fathers birthday present… Im going to ingrave things on it etc, but I have no idea how to do it.. I’m a girl and lets say my father is the manual one, and he only had girls… so a bit difficicult… So i wanted to replicate a picture frame this size
because I want to give a picture of his father and him… the picture is beautifull and since granpa passed away not long ago, I think it would be a nice thing to do for my dad.. what do you think? so can anyone can help me out?