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Hello all,

long time lurker, first time poster. My tenants (whom I have a good relationship with) asked for a rent decrease on a possible renewal (this is the end of their second year).

I’d call the apartment a small 3 or a 2+. It’s very nice for a rental and includes heat/water/DW/WD. We just put fancy new windows in as well. Apt is 2nd floor on 5th in north slope and goes for $2650.

I was planning on a $50 increase to deal with taxes+water increases.

I’m pretty confident that the market will bear $2700 in July but want a reality check.

Thoughts ?


About to become a landlord for a two bed/2 bath apt in PS and wonder what the board’s view is on requiring tenants to maintain renter’s insurance. I will be keeping a condo policy in place for the home and think it makes sense (and have been so advised by my lawyer) to require the tenant to carry his or her own policy. Any rule of thumb for the amount of contents, liability etc. I should require. Thanks!


A few days ago I made an appointment with my tenants (a married couple) to sign a lease renewal. They missed the appointment, and my two calls to their cellphone went to voicemail.

Is it acceptable to just leave the one-page renewal form at their door for them to sign and return to me?


I’m interested in an apartment my friend is moving out of. The owner, who owns a management company and I believe is also a broker himself, wants to charge us a one-month’s-rent broker’s fee. This seems like BS to me, as he has provided no broker’s services whatsoever. Any ideas for negotiating with him?


We recently moved into an apartment and the door to our unit only had a keyed doorknob lock (push button inside). Not being comfortable with that minimal level of protection, we had a locksmith install a deadbolt. Pursuant to our lease terms, we sought permission from the LL to install said lock. It wound up costing us a $175.00 for the service call and lock (they had to drill the hole for the lock, which “costs extra”). My question is are there any laws that dictate who is responsible for paying for the installation? Some friends have suggested that the LL is required to install a deadbolt. Thoughts? I don’t want to compromise our relationship with the LL, especially as new tenants, but I also feel like a deadbolt should be standard…


Like in many Brownstones, me and my roommates rent the top two floors while the landlord and his family live downstairs. While there are multiple entrances, there is no locked barrier between their home and our hallways, landings and kitchen. Upon requesting that they respect our privacy and peace by notifying us before entry and by refraining from noise (loud arguments in those hallways), we were informed that they have total access to all but our bedrooms, as if it were a boarding house. The lease does not specify where our “unit” begins and their personal property or shared space begins. Any advice?


Hello all– I am new to this forum and seeking advice on renting out an apartment. We have been in Brooklyn since 2008, and our tenant (who came with the house) recently left to accept a job in another part of the country. She was paying what we believe was under market rate, but we’re not sure, so I’d like to ask your advice on what the going rents are in our neck of the woods. We have completely renovated the apartment since our tenant left, and it is on the top floor of an owner-occupied two-family. New kitchen, new bath, fresh paint, new floors, etc. We kept all of the old detail as well, so it definitely has some of the brownstone “charm” that people love about these old places. The only thing we haven’t replaced are the windows, which are in good condition. The apartment is a full floor of a brownstone, about 900 square feet and is very sunny and bright. It’s 1.5 bedrooms – one huge bedroom and one kid-sized bedroom, with living room, kitchen, bath. The kitchen has all new appliances, including a dishwasher, but no washer/dryer. We’re located in the historic district of Bed Stuy/Stuyvesant Heights, close to the Utica Avenue stop. I have been checking out Craig’s List for comparable apartments and how much landlords are asking, but it’s been difficult to make direct comparisons since nothing matches up directly in terms of location/renovation/size. Nevertheless, we are thinking of charging between $1400-1500 for the place. Is this overpriced? Underpriced? We’d just like to rent it at a fair price, so I’m hoping you might be able to give us an idea if we’re out of line. Thanks.


Came home from work to see that my landlord had removed our deck (that he installed) because of water damage in the unit below. He stated that it won’t be replaced.

This was a major selling point when we moved in and we’re sad to see it go.

Do I have any rights here as a tenant?


Hi all,
First thanks for your time. I’ll be working in DUMBO and I’m clueless about where to look to rent whether in NYC side across the bridge or in Brooklyn side.

I’d appreciate any points to help me get started on this search!

– Rent: $1,800-2,200
– Studio to 1 bedroom, no roommate
– Close to work by subway or foot/bike.
– Flexible on everything else

Lastly, I’m a former New Yorker from Queens and been living in North NJ for past few years so I know my way around NYC and Queens but clueless about Brooklyn and the neighborhoods.

Thanks again everyone.



I recently signed a lease and made a verbal agreement with the broker and landlord that I could move in the evening prior to the lease start date. There was another tenant in the apartment at that time, and she agreed that she would move out in the early afternoon.

I spoke with the landlord, scheduled my movers for 6pm, and told her and the tenant that I would be there at 7:30pm. When I arrived at the apartment, the tenant was nowhere to be found and the apartment was still in tact, nothing packed or cleaned.

The tenant’s boyfriend showed up (without keys) and said the movers were 6 hours late, and that I would just have to wait until they were finished. I ended up having to pay my movers for an extra 3 hours, during which time they sat in a truck and waited for the other movers to finish.

The tenant is unwilling to pay me for the time my movers spent sitting in the truck. My question is: Should I seek a reimbursement? If so, from who? Does a verbal agreement count in this case?