Where to rent in Brooklyn? Job opportunity in DUMBO


    Hi all,
    First thanks for your time. I’ll be working in DUMBO and I’m clueless about where to look to rent whether in NYC side across the bridge or in Brooklyn side.

    I’d appreciate any points to help me get started on this search!

    – Rent: $1,800-2,200
    – Studio to 1 bedroom, no roommate
    – Close to work by subway or foot/bike.
    – Flexible on everything else

    Lastly, I’m a former New Yorker from Queens and been living in North NJ for past few years so I know my way around NYC and Queens but clueless about Brooklyn and the neighborhoods.

    Thanks again everyone.

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    1. Hey everyone, thank you for all your input and help. I ended up putting in application at Brooklyn Gold, it seemed to be best for us at the moment. I saw ton of apartments ranging from concord coop, jcondo, brklyn gold, buncha places in Brooklyn Heights’ by dumbo/waterfront area to financial district.

      Overall, I learned about Brooklyn quite a bit and thank you guys again.

      Only thing I sort of regret is that I made a mistake by not working with 3rd party broker for the luxury buildings. I found Brklyn Gold’s leasing agent to be bit pompous and definitely not helpful. That goes for Jcondo’s leasing agent as well and I rate Jcondo’s leasing agent even worse than Brklyn Gold’s.

      Next time if I wasn’t in such a rush to see so many various places, I’m definitely going to work with brokers for luxury buildings.

      Thanks again everyone.

    2. If you want to make sure you are living close to where you work, I’d suggest typing in some of you requirements in http://www.rentjungle.com/ and taking a look at the map view. This way, you can narrow your choices. Happy hunting!

    3. speaking as a broker

      The Jay Condo is an amazing building with a ton of amenities. I show the least expensive studio there to be $2350. 1 bedrooms are around $3600.

      In your price range you can get a studio with amenities or a 1 bedroom in a pre war type building. Being new to Brooklyn, I suggest you look in Brooklyn Heights / Cobble Hill. You want somewhere accessible by subway and close to bars, restaurants. It’s nice to socialize when you first move here.

      If you don’t mind giving up location, Brooklyn Gold is a great deal. The free rent, pool, amenities, washer and dryer etc…

    4. Babo78 – I currently live at Brooklyn Gold. Its a nice building and its close to where you will be working, but the area leaves a lot to be desired. The closest subway stops are the A/C/F at Jay Street, B/Q/R at DeKalb and the F at York Street, but I never go to the York Street station because I just dont feel safe in the area. Jay Street and DeKalb will be about a 8 minute walk. The management is so-so. Stuff gets fixed quickly, but there seems to be a bit of a revolving door with the doormen. Some neighbors can be VERY inconsiderate, but I guess you would find that anywhere. We are lucky to have a corner unit in 277 so we have only one neighbor. You will ge a great deal at the building with the free rent, and they offered us a lease extension with preferential rent- so that was a plus. We have been looking in other areas for a more happening ‘hood, but for the price and the space that we have at Brooklyn Gold, its begining to make the location a secondary consideration at this point.

    5. Thanks everyone. I took at drive/walk around various towns and few condos I was able to look-up since yesterday. I learned today that I’ll be starting in 2 weeks instead of a 4 week so I have no time to really take a deep dive to search to get best bang for my buck and fit in Brooklyn. Also I should’ve mentioned that I’m married and my wife works in city so I wanted to stay close to NYC/DUMBO area.

      Any of you guys have experience or comments about…

      257 Gold St (Brooklyn Gold Condo

      100 Jay St (JCondo)

      These two are on my shortlist to move into quickly for a year as I better acquaint myself.

      Thanks again everyone for your time and input! So far I’m loving Brooklyn.

    6. I grew up in queens too. A job in Hoboken landed me in a huge place in North Jersey with a skyline view and a pool and a gym. It was a shock coming to Brooklyn when I got married. What I like most is being out of the car. i can walk to get everything, groceries, bagels, church, kids shoes, the park. I like being in the land of stickball and the Dodgers.

      Take a few trips on the weekends to see what you like. I think the weekends are best because that is the time when the home means more than just a place to crash.

    7. Agree with the two above. I work in Dumbo and live on the F line on the Kensington/Windsor Terrace border (Ft. Hamilton stop). You would be able to get a really great place over here in your price range. My train ride is 12 -15 minutes to York Street.

      You can also do Park Slope, if you are interested in more of the bar and restaurant scene. You’ll pay more, but will be 2 stops closer to Dumbo and will still be close to Prospect Park.

      I guess what I’m really trying to say is that each neighborhood on the F, from York on down to Church Avenue, has a lot to offer. The further out you come, the lower the rents.

      Good luck!

    8. Depends so much on what you are looking for/like!

      When we decided to move to Brooklyn from Manhattan, we started with a subway map.

      My husband works in downtown Brooklyn, I love the water, and we needed a reasonable rent. The route of the R train looked good, and we found something we love in Bay Ridge.

      Now to some, BR is a stodgy, blue collar neighborhood, but the peace is great and so is the access to the Shore Promenade, a walk/bike path about 5 miles long along the Narrows of New York Bay.

      Basically north Brooklyn is more expensive, but there is a lot to love in all of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods.

      You should do well, especially if you are willing to put in some foot time looking.

      Good luck.

    9. Cobble Hill or Carroll Gardens, along the F train is what I recommend for quick commute to dumbo. You can get a 1 bedroom in those nabes within your price range. Plus you have all of the Court/Smith St scene.