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Can anyone recommend a licensed plumber who can inspect/install water meters? We are currently in dispute with the DEP and we think the existing meter is vastly overcharging us. Thank you!


We had a new gas hot water heater/furnace installed about 5 years ago. It regularly has had issues every year which deprive us of hot water and/or heating for some period of time.

Is this normal? Should we schedule an annual check up? Or do we need to change plumbers?

I am afraid that we are novices at this…


I will need to install a meter at my new Brooklyn property which doesn’t have one currently. The previous owner had a frontage account which he paid for annually and I definitely don’t want that.

Any recommendations for licensed NYC plumber who can do this quickly and handle the necessary paperwork as well?


I just wanted to show some public gratitude for the help/advice I’ve rec’d on this forum recently, especially from Master Plumber (aka John @ Gateway Plumbing).

I needed answers to some tricky questions about boilers, floor heating, building code regulations, etc., and it was so nice to be able to count on some solid advice from a person who clearly knows what he’s talking about, and who doesn’t have an ulterior motive.

As a fairly new homeowner of a new-construction condo, I greatly appreciate the contribution he (and many others) makes to this forum — it’s been an invaluable resource to me.

The next time I need to hire a plumbing company I will certainly be calling on Gateway, and I feel confident in recommending them to everyone else I know!


I want to turn the powder room in my bedroom bath into a standing shower stall. It means going through a closet wall to create the stall. I’ve been to the Permits Office on Joralemon & was told I need a licensed plumber to view the renovation job & write up an estimate of the “specs”. It seems licensed plumbers are in short supply here. Most have retired or moved from NY. Does anyone have a plumber to recommend?


Our bathroom renovation includes replacing the sink and toilet with new ones, replacing the tub with a standing shower (lead pan) and re-tiling. None of the plumbing will move, although it’s our understanding that the drain in the tub will need to be bigger to accommodate the standing shower. We also have a standard radiator that we would like to recess into the wall (as long as we’re taking out all the drywall, this seems like a good idea to get a bit more space, but isn’t necessary). This bathroom was actually recently renovated, and all these changes are cosmetic. Can anyone recommend a plumber? Demo is underway and we’d like to have the plumber over asap for an consult and estimate.



Here is a photo of our current piping setup around the water heater:

On the far left is what we think is a return line, next to that is the hot water pipe and on the right is the cold water pipe.

Behind the flue is a check valve pointing to the right ->. Now, we have a problem with a cross connection in our apartment and one theory is the check valve is in the wrong position and ought to be closer to the water heater on the cold pipe. What do you guys think?


Got a big problem on my hands. Contracted with a licensed plumber to do some repair work on my house. Part of the job included a boiler installation. We bought this house in a pretty messy state and one of things the old owner had done was install a state of the art boiler, without permit. But he hadn’t finished the job.

Our plumber was willing to file the permits for a “new” boiler and complete the install, as part of the broader job of fixing fouled pipes. I’ll also add the plumber was well-vouched for and had worked with other trades on the house, so due diligence was done. Electrical work at the house is being done by permit, so we’re not trying to skirt anything here.

Here’s the problem. As the job has wound toward its end, the plumber has not gotten a permit like he was paid to do, and while he’s done almost all the work, including checking and doing the final hookup of the boiler, he has disappeared. Gone for a month. Can’t reach him by phone at all. He’s even owed a decent chunk of money on completion of the job, so it’s in his interest to return. I’m losing faith he will.

We need to get this boiler official, and get the thing turned on. It’s all there save the permit to install it in the first place.

What are our options? Thanks.


I’ve seen that some people say that they think that PVC is permitted for the sewage pipes of a two family conversion in NYC. Is it true 100% that the DOB will permit PVC for a 2 family home? Some people say that is very noisy. What type of sound insulation would be the best to eliminate that problem?


I have a brownstone of ten small apartments. Twelve adults. Apparently there is a lack of hot water on some weekday mornings after 7:30 am. My guess is that it’s the morning rush and the lack of hot water is due to a temporarily insufficient volume of hot water because too many people are showering at about the same time.
It’s a gas-powered two-tank system. Each tank is 42 gallons. They’re eighteen years old so due to be replaced anyway.
Looking for someone who can do a good analysis on the hot water needs of the building, make suggestions, and of course can do a good job at a reasonable price.