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Simply marvelous work

Who knew the spirit of professionalism, integrity, and dedication to ones craft still existed today? Forget all of that stressful online searching and consternation, and look no further than K.F. Kitchen Cabinets. Jason and Jesse, plus their crew are Grade A professionals who treat you like family, while producing outstanding work!

My old dull laminate kitchen was transformed into a modern masterpiece. My neighbors and friends can’t get over their work. I highly recommend that you stop by and give a great business a try.



Hi all. I’m a longtime lurker on brownstoner and have used forum recommendations for other projects so I figured who better to ask than the forum community!
I’m about 2 weeks from completing a large scale renovation and would like to line up a cleaning company that can come in and do a post renovation cleaning. My general contractor has been great at keeping the place clean but no matter what dust finds it’s way past floor coverings etc. Can anyone recommend a good and hopefully reasonably priced cleaning service or person?


I’m going to be taking on a gut renovation on the first floor of my brownstone. The scope of work will involve knocking down walls, putting a bathroom downstairs,upgrading the electrical, fixing or possibly replacing floors and perhaps jacking the house up. Does anyone have any recommendations for a construction company that would be capable of taking this all on. I don’t know if I should try to find an architect first, and use a company on their recommendation. I was looking at Transcend Construction, and their work seemed nice. Also good reviews. I would love any help anyone could provide. Thanks!


I have two multi-unit mailboxes, and I want to sell one of them. (I’m going to install whatever one I can’t sell).

One is a 4-door, 3-tenant plus outgoing slot vertical unit pictured here ( Ready for USPS lock installation. 100% new in the box, just delivered.

The other is a 6-door, 4-tenant plus outgoing plus package receiving box unit. It is the new USPS standard compliant for new construction. ( Also brand new in the box, USPS ready with all keys and package keys, etc.

Paid $167 for the first (box and s/h) and $441 for the second (box and s/h).

Best offers please.

Thanks. 667a.fifth at g mail


I in search of a new welding unit…I have been in talks with some of the bigger companies but they are to expensive for me at the time so if you know where I can get a plasma/tig welder all in one combo machine please be sure to let me know…Thanks in advance



So, I am trying to have our condo declaration amended to reflect exclusive roof rights for our building. Small, unincorporated 3 unit building and I have verbal agreements from the other 2 owners.

Speaking with one attorney, they said the roof will be re-designated as a ‘limited common area’.

What I’m wondering is, will being a limited common area give me sufficient rights if we want to build a room up there in a year or two from now? We are in a non-landmarked area. I know there is the separate issue of FAR, but I will cross that bridge later. Just want to know if it being a limited common area will create any restrictions.

Initially, we are going to build a small deck (30% coverage).

Also, what is a ballpark figure for getting the roof rights portion taken care of? (legal + architect fees).



We just bought a place in Park Slope. Before moving-in, we want to change (expand somehow) its current small kitchen counter top area (to be more functional) as well as putting brand-new room doors/moldings and changing the current old carpeted stairs with a new carpet. Can anyone recommend a reliable, experienced & fully-insured contractor (or interior design consultant) who can help me start this small project? How much should I estimate for this project? Thanks in advance!