Wedge-Shaped Two-Family Rises on Tiny Triangle in South Williamsburg


Mitch Waxman over at The Newtown Pentacle, who blogs for us on Brownstoner Queens, has snapped some photos of a rather unusual house roosting on a wedge-shaped scrap of land at the intersection of Wythe, Heyward and Wallabout in South Williamsburg.

“This actually and absolutely astounds one such as myself,” he said. “This splinter of a building is rising up from a paved triangle which is created by the ancient paths surrounding it.”

We looked up the details on the DOB website and found it’s a two-family, with an address of 6 Heyward Street. The developer, whose address is the well-known Hasidic mailbox drop 199 Lee Avenue, applied for permits in 2012 and they were granted in early 2014. The building appears to be complete but does not yet have its certificate of occupancy. Click through for a closeup.

Waxman’s takeaway:

“Wow, in Williamsburg, every patch of soil will have apartments on it pretty soon.”

Inexpressibly More [Newtown Pentacle]
Photos by Mitch Waxman 


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