Protesters Call for More Jobs at AY, Downtown Projects


    This morning protesters outside the Atlantic Yards site claimed that they’d been deceived about job creation at Atlantic Yards and other developments in Downtown Brooklyn. As Atlantic Yards Report explains, the protest was organized by People for Political and Economic Empowerment (P.P.E.E), who initially supported Atlantic Yards because of the jobs it was supposed to create. Martin Allen, president of P.P.E.E, told AY Report: “We was there when you called us, to go in front of the press, and speak our minds about jobs and contracts, about why Atlantic Yards was a good project for Brooklyn. So don’t turn your back now after you feel like you got your foot in the door, and leave us standing on the other side of the doorway.” That sentiment was echoed this morning as protesters gathered to yell through a megaphone outside the construction site. “We’re fighting because we’ve been lied to,” Allen told the crowd. “We were promised jobs and they never came.” He also yelled toward the construction site, addressing developer Bruce Ratner: “You’re shameful… you’re a monster to Brooklyn.” Another protester, taking the megaphone, said, “This is just the beginning. We’ll be here, and you’ll be held accountable. You can run but you can’t hide.” Click through for more photos.
    Formerly Vocal and Distruptive Atlantic Yards supporters, P.P.E.E., to Rally July 27 [AY Report]

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