New Domino Clears Council Hurdles


The New Domino on the Williamsburg waterfront was approved by City Council committees yesterday. Some concessions were made: the height of the two tallest building will be reduced to 34 stories from a planned 40, while 30 percent of the 2,200 units will be set aside for affordable housing. Another commercial building, which was planned to be reduced to 25 stories, rose up to 30. And in response to the transportation concerns expressed at a recent public hearing, a shuttle bus service will be initiated after the first phase of development is done. Michael Lappin, the president of Domino’s managing sponsor, said in a statement, “We have worked hard to please all the interested parties, and we hope that this compromise maintains all the benefits promised to the community.” Construction is expected to start in 2011, kicking off a projected ten years of development. (Note: This was updated to reflect the inconsistencies with the New York Time’s article.)
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