Neighbors Fight Hulk of Home in Homecrest


    A group of neighbors won a lawsuit against a homeowner who built an outsize home over an existing bungalow in Homecrest because he filed the work as an alteration rather than a new building. Today the New York Daily News has a story on the home at 1882 E. 12th Street, which towers over its neighbors at 53 feet high. The architect on the job, Shlomo Wygoda, had “self-certification” rights with the Department of Buildings — the same rights that allowed architect Robert Scarano to build stuff like this. The judge has ordered the Board of Standards and Appeals to review the process, and it’s likely that the developer will be ordered to tear the structure down. In the meantime, the architect has lost his self-certification rights with the DOB. As the neighbor’s lawyer tells the NYDN, “if the plans had been properly reviewed by the Department of Buildings, would they have been approved? The answer is a resounding no.” The Board of Standards and Appeals will rule on the building by July 23.
    Neighbors Win Battle Over Notorious Tower [NY Daily News]
    Photo by Google Maps

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