Evening Edition


CODA wins MoMA PS1’s Young Architects Program competition

We recently learned that CODA – who is also known as Caroline O’Donnell, Assistant Professor of Architecture at Cornell in Ithaca, NY – is the winner of MoMA PS1’s Young Architects Program competition. She has created a project called Party Wall and incorporates environmental issues such as sustainability and recycling. It will be installed in MoMA PS1′s outdoor courtyard and will be an “urban landscape” during Warm Up, the annual outdoor summer music series. Pedro Gadanho, Curator in MoMA’s Department of Architecture and Design, says it was selected because of its “clever identification and use of locally available resources—the waste products of skateboard-making—to make an impactful and poetic architectural statement within MoMA PS1′s courtyard.”

Pint Night at 5 Napkin Burger

The 5 Napkin Burger folks let us know about their Pint Night series. On Thursdays, starting tonight until March 7, between 7 and 11pm, enjoy a pint of beer for $5. Different breweries and one of their brews will be featured each week, including Singlecut tonight! Amber Ale, yum.

The Hunters Point CSA – lots of interest and potentially coming to LIC

The Hunters Point CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is in the works and may very well arrive in the Hunters Point section of LIC by next spring or summer. About 30 people are interested in organic/non-GMO produce, and they are currently working with Just Food to connect with a farmer. Exciting stuff!

Astor Room on Gilt City

The Astor Room in Astoria is a catch on Gilt City right now – the offer is dinner and wine for two for $63. There will be a special Gilt City menu, from which diners will enjoy two starters, two entrees, and one dessert to share, all with a house-selected bottle of wine (red or white). And even if you don’t participate in this offer, the Astor Room is a great place drop in for a delicious cocktail before or after a trip to the Museum of the Moving Image.

Queens Borough President Helen Marshall gave her last State of the Borough speech

On Tuesday night, Queens Borough President Helen Marshall stood up in front of hundreds of people at Queens College and gave her final State of the Borough speech. She will not run for a fourth term, as she is subject to term limits this year. She talked about her accomplishments (revitalization of many parks, libraries and neighborhoods in Queens, as well as development and rezoning in areas like Jamaica and LIC) and projects she wants to implement toward the end of her service (create a tech zone on the Queens side of the East River, spend $2 million on mobile science labs for the 30 Queens schools that do not have them).


Wine bar recommendations for central and eastern Queens

Our own Danielle McClure has put together an article on wine bars further out into Queens, that’s making us want to enjoy a glass right now! All are worth checking out – Danny BrownJack and Nellie’sUvarara, and Fino are on the list, and along with your wine, enjoy some nibbles – all spots serve tasty treats. Enjoy!

Astorian saves man who fell on subway tracks

We’re not sure why there seems to be an uptick in folks falling (or being pushed) onto the subway tracks, but it sure is a head scratcher – there hasn’t been this amount of news in such a short period of time on the subject for quite some time. In that vein, we heard about another incident, where an elderly man fell on the tracks at the 59th Street/Lexington subway station around 4pm, Friday, January 18. And then Astorian Ramiro Ocasio jumped down and saved the guy! About his bravery, he said “I grabbed him by his collar and his pants and threw him to the platform. Don’t ask me how because I’m not a strong dude.” He couldn’t get back on the platform himself, so then four or five other people helped him up. A Q train came by about 10 seconds later. Wow. Such an amazing story!!

Flushing, Queens is the cradle of the gay rights movement

We really enjoyed reading a NYT City Room post about Jeanne and Jules Manford, two parents of a politically active gay son, who in the early 19702 started the group Parents of Gays (hear President Obama talk about this), which then became PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) later. They never wavered in support of their son, and helped other gay youth and their parents with support and counsel. And it happened right here in Flushing, Queens. Jeanne recently died at age 92, but her legacy lives on.

The Happy Hour Guys visit SingleCut

The Happy Hour Guys visited SingleCut with their own brand of humor, peppered with lots of interesting info. And beer… delicious, delicious beer. And they’ve announced the first food addition to the SingleCut scene – meat pies! Should be yummy with the fab beer they make. Enjoy!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkhm6oqA9HA]

Queens Chamber of Commerce Building Awards and Reception was recently held

Last Thursday, January 17, the Queens Chamber of Commerce held their annual Building Awards and Reception at the LaGuardia Mariott Hotel (which we recently told you had been sold for $22 million). There were 21 winners in the following categories – new construction; rehabilitation, re-adaptive use, alteration or addition; interiors; and public work, infrastructure and civil projects. Infamous developer Joseph Pistilli was given the Lifetime Achievement Award and Resorts World Casino New York City was inducted into the Building Awards Hall of Fame.


Los Verdes yums

The folks from Sunnyside Food checked out Los Verdes last week and gave it a thumbs up. The milkshakes are particularly delicious sounding. Another great thing about this place is that they are open into the wee hours of the morning – 3am on weeknights and 6am on weekends. Nice. We’ll be by soon to try some of their tasty looking Colombian grub.

Beastie Boys and the Unisphere

We love this photo of Mike D, MCA, and Ad-Rock at the Unisphere in 1986.

Image source: Queens County Market

Surge Protector IPA launches tonight

There’s a new beer in town and it’s available tonight at Alewife in LIC – Surge Protector IPA. It’s a project of Sandy Relief Beer, and is the end product of multiple Long Island breweries banding together to make something to help raise money for hurricane relief efforts. Half the proceeds from sales will go to Long Island Cares, a food bank and hunger assistance organization out on the Island. Oceanside’s Barrier Brewing Company will also benefit, since their relatively new brewing space was trashed during Hurricane Sandy, and they are working to start up again (one of the owners is a Queens resident, too). It’s a bit poetic that Alewife is the place to get this beer, as they suffered a lot of damage from the hurricane and are back up in part because of the kindness of friends and strangers. So stop by and have a drink and know that by imbibing, you are helping folks get back on their feet.

Did you know? Why the Rockaways are named so.

From the Rockaway Emergency Plan Facebook page:

The name Rockaway comes from the Native American tribe that lived on the peninsula long before us. “Reckonwacky” and “Reckanawahaha” means “place of laughing waters” and “land of our people” but also “lonely place.

Queens and the Oscars

When we learned about Sunnyside’s own Benh Zeitlin, director of Beasts of the Southern Wild, who has been nominated for two Academy Awards this year, it got us thinking about what other Oscar-winning and Oscar-nominated filmmakers and actors are from Queens. So, we put a list together – it’s pretty impressive. Check it out!


7 train update – not even Flushing’s Lunar New Year celebration can halt track work

We’ve been following this story since we first heard about it, how those organizing the Lunar New Year celebrations in Flushing were dismayed at the fact that the 7 train wouldn’t be running from Manhattan on the days of their events. Elected officials and some community members from Flushing went to talk and negotiate with the MTA, but in the end, the MTA determined that it was too late to halt/change the schedule, so weekend 7 line suspensions will continue through March. The MTA has said they will keep the Lunar New Year celebration in mind for next year (they’re planning service suspensions for next year?!?!?) and will try to work around it in 2014.

Street sweeping may come to LIC, which means alternate side parking would, too

DNAinfo reports that there has been a proposal to bring street sweeping to LIC, which means alternate side parking (ASP) would follow. Some residents are pretty happy about this, because some of the streets are pretty filthy, in their eyes, and they want it cleaned up. Others are panicking about the arrival of ASP, since the neighborhood is so difficult to park in. Proponents of the street sweeping see ASP as a good thing because they don’t like the fact that some folks drive to the neighborhood and use it as a park and ride scenario for themselves. Details on the street sweeping:

Representatives from the Department of Sanitation detailed a proposal that would bring street cleaning to a swath of Hunters Point west of Jackson Avenue, between 45th and Borden avenues.

The sweepers would come twice a week, cleaning the south and east sides of the streets on Wednesdays and the north and west sides on Thursdays. Streets in the area south of 47th Road would be cleaned from 9 to 10:30 a.m. while streets to the north would be cleaned between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Metered blocks would be cleaned in half-hour segments between 7:30 and 9 a.m.

CB2 Chairman Joseph Conley and City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer welcome feedback from neighbors on the proposal.

Staples of a Korean grocery store – H & Y Marketplace in Flushing

We loved this audio slideshow of some of the products – many of them staples – available at H & Y Marketplace, a Korean grocery store in Flushing. If you are not familiar with a particular cuisine, seeing all the products at that ethnic market can be a bit overwhelming. Christine Colligan and City Spoonful to the rescue! They help guide you through the store, giving you ideas as to how to use certain ingredients. It’s very educational, so check it out.

More images of the abandoned buildings at Creedmoor Psychiatric Center in Queens Village

Earlier this week we wrote about the images taken by Will Ellis of abandoned Building 25 at the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, and we also came across a video of some of the abandoned buildings, too. Gotham Ruins made the video and posted about their visit to Creedmoor:

In August, I went back to Creedmoor—this time prepared for Building 25—but to my disbelief, the entry point was boarded up. It had me wondering whether the squatter was inside or out when the boards were bolted to the wall. After walking the perimeter I accepted that I was not making it inside and to make matters worse, dark clouds rolled in and it began to pour. I knew I didn’t bike 10 miles to Creedmoor just to ride back in the downpour, so luckily I managed to find myself inside of a different disused building, only minutes later. Building 1 connects to Building 3, which in turn connects to Building 2, forming one massive super-structure that looks freakishly like a spaceship in plan (picture above). It wasn’t until after, that I saw it on a map and understood why I had no sense of direction inside.

The video has a lot of great images – we found the scenes at :20 and :50 to be particularly creepy.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/51780975]

Feeling lost in LIC? New wayfinding signs are coming to the neighborhood to help you find your way.

We learned about these new “wayfinding” signs – big laser-etched glass maps – that will be installed in four neighborhoods around the city, and LIC is one of them (along with Midtown, Chinatown, and Prospect Heights/Western Crown Heights). Apparently New Yorkers do get lost – DOT estimates 1 in 10 of us get lost each week, 1 in 3 New Yorkers can’t tell in which direction they’re facing – as do tourists – 1 in 4 visitors did not know what borough they were in when queried. So these signs should help out in that department. They look pretty cool, too. 150 signs will be installed in the four neighborhoods starting in March 2013




Urubamba is great for a “distinctive date”

So says the folks at Serious Eats. For their Date Night column, they headed to Jackson Heights (last month they were at Gottscheer Hall in Ridgewood) for dinner at Urubamba, a quite nice Peruvian spot on 37th Avenue. There they had some things the were “puzzling” – like the choclo and cheese dish (choclo is corn that has huge starchy, and sometimes chewy kernels), but they loved the arroz con camarones, which is rice with shrimp cooked with butter, garlic, and parsley. Chicha morada was also drunk – it is a non-alcoholic beverage made from purple corn. Theirs comes with little bits of sour apple floating in it, which is a nice touch. This place is definitely worth a visit.

Great old photos of Jackson Heights

We were charmed by this old photo of construction of the elevated 7 train at the intersection of Roosevelt Ave and 82nd Street in 1914 and followed the link that came with it… and found a whole page of great old photos of Jackson Heights! Here’s a shot of the tennis courts that used to be in the neighborhood, ca. 1928.

Jacob Riis bust survives the wrath of Sandy

This week we learned that the bust of Jacob Riis – a replacement for the one stolen in 1964 – miraculously survived Hurricane Sandy. It was found out on the boardwalk by local resident Vivian Carter (author of the book Images of America: Rockaway Beach), and it’s amazing that it sustained no damage. The other part of the story is that the bust was funded by a $10,000 gift from the children of the Aquinas Honor Society at Immaculate Conception School in Jamaica Estates (GMAP). So Carter took a photo and sent it to the school so that the kids would know that the bust survived. They are looking forward to taking a trip out to Jacob Riis Park as soon as it is safe.

Interview with Chris Haber, creator of the I Heart Astoria tshirt

You may have seen the I Heart Astoria tshirts, sold at SITE in Astoria:

Image source: I Heart Astoria

The folks at Indie Loop took some time to interview Chris. She talks about the genesis of her shirts, the popularity of Astoria, indie businesses in the neighborhood, and sangria as cocktail representative of Astoria.

The Coalition for Queens releases its Year in Review for 2012 – lots of great things have happened in the LIC tech world

Anne Shisler-Hughes has put together a great overview of the LIC tech world last year, inspired by the Coalition for Queens’s Year in Review for 2012. Here’s an excerpt to give you an idea of what the Coalition accomplished:

The summary of the year’s accomplishments includes the launching of the very successful Queens Tech Meetup series, a forum for sharing products and ideas; the offering of entrepreneurship classes in partnership with the online community, Skillshare; and gaining the support of significant elected officials on federal, state and municipal levels, including Governor Cuomo, Speaker Christine Quinn and Representative Joseph Crowley. The Coalition also responded to the devastation of Superstorm Sandy by providing timely pop-up locations for tech entrepreneurs.

Along with their accomplishments, LIC is home to  3D printer Shapeways, which opened this past year, as well as the success achieved in 2012 in both the US and Canada of Songza, a music streaming service.


Yorkville to Ridgewood – lots more living space, and plenty of mom and pop shops

We enjoyed reading the story of Yorkville (Manhattan) resident Stephanie L. Davis make the transition from Manhattan to Queens in her eventual move to Ridgewood. The neighborhood was billed as an “up and coming” area, which intrigued Davis enough to take a chance. There, she has a two bedroom apartment for less than she was paying for a studio in Manhattan, access to a bunch of local spots instead of Starbucks and 7 Elevens, plus she got to ditch her – in her words – slumlord, and gain great neighbors, too. She loves patronizing such local businesses as places like the Cozy Corner Tavern (dive bar), Gottscheer Hall (German food and beer). Glad you’re enjoying Ridgewood, Stephanie!

Il Triangolo in Corona

The Queens Gazette wrote about Il Triangolo, an Italian restaurant (in a three-sided building, at that) that opened in the 1980s, located at the intersection of Junction Boulevard and Corona Avenue, an area of Queens one could call a “food nexus” because of all the great restaurants with short (less than a block) walk from the intersection (31st Ave and 34th Street in Astoria is another one). At Il Triangolo, the fresh pasta and homemade bread is praised, as is the house-made wine. There are classic Italo-American dishes here, like pasta e fagioli, vongole oreganata, chicken rollatini, and shrimp francese. Cannoli, cheesecake, and tiramisu make for a trio of classic desserts.

Beach 119, a new documentary about the Rockaways after Hurricane Sandy

We’ve learned about another documentary short (yesterday we told you about Beach 87th St./Surfing After Sandyabout Hurricane Sandy and the Rockaways, called Beach 119. It’s about the community along Beach 119th Street (GMAP), survivors of the storm on the Rockaway peninsula, and how they connected and bonded afterwards. Here is the trailer – it looks good:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2lYdXuGo2E]

“Off the Wall” pottery exhibit at Austin’s Ale House in Kew Gardens

There’s a pottery exhibit displayed at Austin’s Ale House in Kew Gardens, that has gotten rave reviews from patrons; this is the first pottery exhibit the establishment has put together. John Kohout, a manager at the pub, says “Our patrons love it. It changes the room and our customers appreciate the art.” 43 pieces are displayed by a total of ten artists from The Potter’s Wheel on 83rd Avenue, located just a few blocks from the pub (GMAP). The pieces will be up for a couple of months and all are available for purchase.

$7 Express Lunch in Flushing, thanks to the Flushing BID

Care to lunch at Flushing’s Deluge in the Sheraton (135-20 39th Avenue – GMAP), or at 101 Taiwanese Cuisine (135-11 40th Road – GMAP) for only $7? We’ve got a deal for you! All you need to do is to be one of the first 750 people to sign up for the Flushing Food Network email list, which you can do on the Flushing BID’s homepage. Lunch is a daily affair from 11:30 to 2pm.


A secret garden in the least likely place in Queens

We were recently turned on to a lovely garden outside the historic Marine Air Terminal (it’s been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1982) at LaGuardia – airports are about the last place we imagined would hold a green oasis like this. There are benches, trees, grass, and even a statue (of sorts). If you happen to be in the area and want to check it out, it’s to the right of the main entryway of the Terminal.

A potential therapy pig in Queens

CBS published a story about a pig from College Point, owned by Navy vet Nadine Darsanlal. She originally got him as a companion for her service dog, Harvey. The pig’s name is Wilbur. She hopes he can become a therapy pet, though pigs are illegal in the city. She’s working to get him legal, though, and it’s a priority – “Once I get the thumbs up from the Department of Health, then I’ll go to the next step. I will go through anything just to get him certified.”

Big land parcel near Citi Field for sale for $21 million

We learned this week that there is a large parcel of land – 73,000 square feet in size (1.67-acres) with 350,000 buildable square feet, zoned for residential or commercial use, and located at 112-21 Northern Blvd (GMAP) – for sale for $21 million. It’s an entire city block. Almost anything could go up there – condos, shops, a hotel, since the zoning is so flexible. Local residents are receptive to development but hope that it’s done in a way that it brings jobs to the area without raising housing and cost of living prices. Looks like the Flushing Bay waterfront continues to be a desirable area for redevelopment.

It’s My Park Day – Rockaways

At a recent It’s My Park Day, volunteers came to dig out the parks in the Rockaways that were covered in sand.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZC04271cTI]

Quintessential Queens food

Today we asked, “what are quintessential Queens foods?” and got some answers – falafel and… octopus! We actually got into quite a good discussion over twitter about falafel (places to get great falafel include the new Mezze Place, Falafel King, and Duzan in Astoria).

Alex Cannon ‏@tehevilcannon – @QueensNYCity by no means definitive, but I’ve lived in the NYC area my entire life and have never eaten so much falafel since moving to QNS

CitySpoonful ‏@CitySpoonful – @QueensNYCity Duzan!!!

Mackenzi Farquer ‏@SITEnews – @QueensNYCity @cityspoonful @tehevilcannon I really like the light and SUPER crispy falafel at @MezzePlace. Pairs perfectly w/ their dips.

tastoriaqueens ‏@tastoriaqueens – @QueensNYCity Octopus! Especially grilled Greek style here in Astoria, but served throughout our borough’s many cuisines.


Happy days for two Rockaways households

We were happy to write about two different households – that of Breezy Point resident Kim Leib and that of Roxbury couple Burt and Jeanne Metz, and their daughter Johanna-Claire Metz – who have been given new homes after theirs were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. In Leib’s case, Steve Conboy, president and CEO of Eco Building Products, came to the rescue, with the aim to both help her get back on her feet, and to showcase his company’s products. For the Metzes, Operation Blessing came to help – 300 of their volunteers spent three weeks, starting in mid-December, building the home without the couple knowing this was to be the end result. As you can imagine, they were really surprised! Congratulations to both households – we wish you all the best in your new homes.

Changes at Jackson Heights’ Tawa Food 

Queens Love mentioned there are some changes at Tawa Food. According to the post, “The front section of Tawa Foods is under new Nepalese ownership and is now Dhaulagiri Kitchen.” Try the thali and the beef momos.

New Colombian restaurant coming to Sunnyside

This week, Los Verdes – a Colombian restaurant based in Miami – is opening a location here in Sunnyside on Greenpoint Avenue (just up the street from Pecas Y Mas, another Colombian restaurant that makes one of the borough’s best cholados). They’ll be offering quesadillas, burgers, fries topped with myriad things, empanadas, and Postobon, among other things, and on the evening of January 17 at 9pm they’ll be having their grand opening celebration – stop in for a free beer to help them cheer on their new home in Sunnyside!

Elm East in Elmhurst is doing very well in leasing their rentals

We were happy to hear that Elm East (86-55 Broadway – GMAP), a new luxury rental building in Elmhurst, has leased half its units in the first month on the market. The building is located right on top of the Grand Avenue M/R stop and nearby some truly stellar food in the neighborhood, NYC’s (unofficial) fourth Chinatown. Starting later in the fall, the developers will be building Elm West, which will be right across the street.

Hindus in Jamaica Bay

The Guyanese Hindu community uses Jamaica Bay as part of their worship practice – this is yet another facet to life in Jamaica Bay, though we wonder how this Hindu community is managing since Jamaica Bay was damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Here, Guyanese Hindus make religious offerings – they need to be near the water, though their practice is somewhat controversial to some outside the faith. More on that:

The water of the bay is seen as a form of god, to which the people offer food, flowers and sometimes cloths. The offerings shall be washed away to the Atlantic Ocean, that is connected to the Indian river Ganges through the Pacific and Indian Ocean. But because of the tide in New York harbor, the offerings end up on the shore again. In the past few years, the National Park Service and some environmental watchdog groups have raised concerns about the protection of Jamaica Bay’s environment.

“The problem is that many of the things that Hindus leave are not bio-degradable,” said Dan Riepe, who calls himself the Jamaica Bay Guardian. Riepe is part of the Jamaica Bay Research and Management Information Network, an environmental watchdog group that patrols the bay regularly.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/42545383]


The No Pants Subway Ride is back

Now in its 12th year, the No Pants Subway Ride (courtesy of Improv Everywhere) is back to thrill participants and onlookers alike. Sunday is when all interested participants will meet up, at 3pm. There are two meeting points in Queens – Hoyt Playground in Astoria (near the Astoria Boulevard stop on the N/Q) and Flushing Meadows-Corona Park (that would be near the Mets-Willets Point stop on the 7). Also remember – the 7 train is not running between Times Square and Queensboro Plaza (where you might pick up the N/Q) this weekend. If you want to participate, bring a bag or backpack, a MetroCard, and normal winter clothes (hats, coats, gloves, pants). You’ll walk onto the subway car fully dressed, then take off your pants when you are aboard. More information about the Ride can be found here.

Holiday Lights at Kaufman Studios

The Queens Gazette tells us that the folks at Kaufman Studios in Astoria have installed “a new system of colored lights that illuminate 35th Avenue between 35th and 36th Streets, shining from a series of massive pillars outside the original entrance to the iconic studios.” The lights will change throughout the year in accordance with the seasons and holidays, very reminiscent of the Empire State Building.

Italian restaurants in Forest Hills – strong showing in both old and new spots

Anne Shisler-Hughes has put together a terrific post about the current Italian restaurant scene in Forest Hills, which is really impressive. Old timers include places like Villa Isabella (which used to be Sarabella – GMAP), Picola Italia (GMAP), and Alberto (GMAP). Another standout is Spolini’s (GMAP). A second wave of Italian restaurants include Nick’s (GMAP) and Dee’s (GMAP) – two brick oven pizza joints (and then some) – and La Vigne (GMAP). More recent spots include Tuscan Hills (GMAP), Il Poeta (GMAP), Queens’s single Michelin Star recipient, Danny Brown (GMAP). Many of thee restaurants are located on Metropolitan Avenue.

Queens native could end up as head of the United States Treasury Department

NY1 reports that President Obama may choose current chief of staff Jack Lew to head the US Treasury Department – “AP cites sources as saying Obama will choose Lew because of his wide variety of experience in both the government and private sector.” Lew is a Queens native and a graduate of Forest Hills High School.

Meet (meat?) Chopsticks + Marrow

Queens-based food blogger Joe DiStefano has a new blog, which also happens to be part of the Blankslate family – Chopsticks + Marrow. In it, you’ll find a lot of what Joe DiStefano is well-known for – writing about organ meats, raw meat (beef and seafood), as well as a variety of Asian food. And maybe hot dogs, dumplings, and sandwiches in between. Enjoy your gustatory adventure here!


Soccer Queens

City Councilman Peter Vallone is vocal again when it comes to the new Major League Soccer team coming to Queens, and this time it’s about making sure the team has “Queens” in the team’s name. He says, “Whatever happens, if we bring a soccer team to Queens, whether it be at Citi Field or a new stadium, that soccer team must be called ‘the Queens’ whatever. Like, there’s the Brooklyn Nets. I want a ‘Queens’ team.” And remember, if Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz would have his way, the team would be in Brooklyn (and would probably have Brooklyn in its name). It will be interesting, and we think it would be cool if the new team was called the “Queens ____”. What do you think would be a good name?

Gianna Cerbone Teoli: Pizzarista

We loved this video of Ginna Cerbone talking about making pizza – she’s been cooking in LIC all her life, currently at Manducatis Rustica. And she’s incredibly frank about being a female pizzarista. More:

She says female pizzaristas are rare for a variety of reasons: crafting pies requires a great deal of upper body strength and focusing on a single task, something she says most women—more inclined to do ten things at once—generally don’t care about. But the real problem, she swears, is having breasts. Because women capture so much heat in that part of their bodies, hours in front of a hot pizza oven just aren’t most ladies’ idea of a pleasant career setting. But Gianna braves the heat, from both the oven and critics, crafting pies that target her few appreciative, discerning customers who know what a simple, hearty Neapolitan pie is all about.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/55293508]

What’s coming to the Rockaways regarding short-term solutions post-Sandy

Tuesday night there was a Community Board 14 meeting at the Knights of Columbus (GMAP) and it was live tweeted by @rockawayhelp (they used the hashtag #cb14). They turned the tweets into a blog post, which is very interesting. Topics discussed were the beach and boardwalk, utilities, and libraries. They do plan to open the beach on Memorial Day, too!

Would you qualify to be a nanny for this couple? 

Gawker enjoyed taking apart a Craigslist posting for a nanny for a Sunnyside couple’s kids, aged 2 and 5. The ad starts out with “Grab your umbrella! You are a magical Mary Poppins, a wizard, or a giant spiky Triceratops. You love to play, pretend, create, teach, and nurture. You are reliable, warm, and fun, but also know how to say ‘no’ when necessary.” Applying for the job also involves taking a 65 question survey. We can’t deny they aren’t being thorough.

New Nepalese and Indian restaurant has opened in Ridgewood

The good folks at Ridgefood reviewed Nepalese Indian Restaurant, which has been open a little over a week. They serve primarily Indian food, but there is a small – and hopefully expanding – Nepalese section of the menu. Of those several Nepalese dishes, fried vegetable momos were tasted and deemed delicious. Other Nepalese dishes include thukpa (a kind of noodle soup), samaya baji (“an amazing-sounding combo-type plate with ingredients such as rice cakes, black soybean, boiled eggs, fruit, lentil patties, fresh ginger, and dried fish” – we’ve tried the version at Woodside Cafe in Woodside and it is excellent), and sel roti (a fried ring/donut made of rice flour seasoned with cardamom and cloves – it is good eaten with tea). On the Indian side of things, they particularly liked the Paneer makhan, made with paneer, creamy cashew sauce, and almonds.