Forest Park photowalk and more in the QNYC Evening Edition for Thursday March 21, 2013


    A photowalk in Forest Park

    We love these photos from a recent walk though Forest Park that the Project Woodhaven folks did. So many great photos, and reminds us that there are still wild areas in Queens. Glad they are repairing the bandshell, too. And hello ducks! Definitely check it out – the photos are fab!

    Ran Craycraft of Why Leave Astoria?! did leave Astoria

    The NYDN wrote up a story on Ran Craycraft, the founder and editor of Why Leave Astoria?!, and how he actually did leave Astoria for sunny Los Angeles. He left because he wanted to spend more time in his job as the general manager of entertainment for AOL. He believes the site is “in a good place where it can maintain itself.” Ran made an imprint on Astoria and he will definitely be missed. And while WLA?! can maintain itself, we do wonder – will he run it from CA or will someone else, locally, step in…?

    Queens in Jeopardy

    No, no, we’re not talking about danger, we’re talking about the game show, Jeopardy! Turns out earlier this week Queens had a whole category devoted to itself in the second round. Astoria was the subject of the final question (worth 2,0000 bucks!) – “It ain’t no Waldorf, but this neighborhood has lots of Greeks, & Telly’s Taverna–To Die For.” Of course that’s “What is Astoria?” So. Awesome.

    Street Eats U.S.A. visits Queens

    Last summer Joe DiStefano took the Street Eats U.S.A. folks all around Queens to sample the delicious noms that the borough is full of. He was reminded of the show (“It was so long ago I almost forgot about it.”) and is happy to say that it will air on the Travel Channel this Saturday at 3pm EDT. Tune in and see Queens (and Joe) in all its glory!

    Rockaway skate park

    Scenes from the Rockaway skate park two years ago when it was in better condition (it has been trashed by two hurricanes – Irene and Sandy – at this point). Many people wish it could be rebuilt (all concrete), but of course, that takes $$$. It would be a nice outlet for the skaters in that part of the city – fresh air and exercise is good for most everyone.


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