Buenos Angie’s and more in the QNYC Evening Edition for Friday March 15, 2013


    Buenos Angie’s now offers chocolate covered alfajores

    Alfajores are superbly delicious. They are a sandwich cookie, popular in Latin American cuisine, made of luscious dulce de leche sandwiched in between two soft sugar cookies. There’s a variant, called alfajores de maizena, where the cookies are made with cornstarch, making them crumbly and more delicate. Buenos Angie’s is a local alfajores maker, based in the Entrepreneur Space of the Queens EDC. She is now making yet another variant on alfajores – covering them in chocolate. Holy business, that sounds good. In the words of Anne-Shisler Hughes, “you will never settle for a boring cookie again.”

    The Entrepreneur Space’s second birthday on Martha Stewart

    Last week’s Entrepreneur Space second birthday party made it onto the Martha Stewart Living blog! The MSLO folks took a real liking to MitchMallows, which is understandable, as he makes so many tasty and cute marshmallow treats. The bloggers really made the rounds, too, and took a ton of photos. Check it out!

    Sayra’s Wine Bar will open in the Rockaways very soon

    This week we learned about Sayra’s Wine Bar, which will very likely be the very first wine bar opening up in the Rockaways ever. It will be run by Rockaway native Rashida Jackson, along with her partner, Patrick Flibotte (he is designing the interior of the bar). One detail of note is that they will be serving wines from various surfing regions around the globe; that makes sense, since they’ll be located just around the corner from Boarders, the popular local surf shop. Look for the wine bar by summer.

    NY1 wants to rebrand themselves as TWC News

    Have you heard? NY1 is going away! Well, in name only – they want to change their name to “TWC News” instead. Gothamist reported on it this morning, and from what we can tell on Facebook, folks are a bit bummed out by the impending change. People really love the “NY1” moniker (it also rolls off the tongue easier than “TWC News”). NY1 says, “Our research shows that people who watch our stations, such as NY1, are loyal viewers, yet most people don’t understand their connection to Time Warner Cable. It is for these two reasons that we’re embarking upon a rebranding project that will take the better part of a year.” We always knew it was a Time Warner Cable property – guess some folks were confused.

    West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills turns 100, has tons of plans in the works

    The West Side Tennis Club is an institution in Forest Hills – hard to believe they wanted to tear down the 100 year old Club just a few years ago, after hearing about all the fun plans they have in store. They want to hold a New York Open (July 4-7) where both professionals and amateurs alike will compete. In April, a private club event will take place. And in the summer, they are looking at hosting carnivals, free tennis clinics, and music festivals. Awesome!

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