Controversial Development


Astoria residents have lots of complaints concerning the under-construction medical facility at 23-25 31st Street, namely that construction caused damage to nearby residential properties. Although the Department of Buildings discovered that the developer built 10 feet closer to residences than zoning rules allowed, the Board of Standards and Appeals ultimately granted the developer a special permit to continue construction at the beginning of this summer. We checked up on the building this week and the glassy facade is on full display, although scaffolding’s still up. Otherwise, the site was quiet. Can anyone speak to the amount of construction taking place these days? There’s been some progress on the facade since we checked in May, but not all that much. A website dedicated specifically to the building (and titled The 8-Story Monstrosity, no less) doesn’t offer any recent news. If construction ever finishes, this will hold offices for physicians and medical staff.

Neighbors Blame Rising Astoria Medical Center For Collateral Damage [Q’Stoner] GMAP