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When we tried to build the molding for a new archway on the second floor this week using the moldings from the removed closets, we came up a little short–about 20 feet to be exact. Now we’re going to have to scrounge around at some salvage joints to see if we can find some matching (or pretty close to it designs). Any suggestions of places to look or ways to fudge it short of a custom job?
Matching Moldings [Renovation Blog]


As previously discussed, we were pleased as punch when we found a beautiful old ceramic tub out in Connecticut few months ago for $1,000. Our GC had promised us that he could get anything up the two flights if stairs to the master bathroom. Now the thing (which must weigh 600-700 pounds) has been sitting in the front hall of parlor floor for a couple of months and he is running out of ideas. We considered taking a page out of the ancient Egyptians’ book (who would transport obelsisks by rolling them on logs), but it doesn’t look like that’s going to work. We’ve also started calling around to piano movers to see if they can do it. Does anyone else have any brilliant ideas?


We just got turned onto some serious renovation porn in the form of The site is a labor of love by a New Jersey couple which completely puts our own Renovation Blog to shame, probably because it’s run by someone who is actually doing the renovation himself and actually knows what he’s talking about. Imagine that! The site chronicles the gut renovation and period restoration of a dilapidated 1890 “Eastlake” Victorian house. (“Eastlake” refers to Charles Lock Eastlake who wrote Hints on Household Taste in Furniture, Upholstery and Other Details in 1868.) With tons of photographs and careful step-by-step instructions on everything to repairing old windows to stripping marble (all on a tight budget), this is a must-read for the DIY Brownstoner set or anyone contemplating a renovation of any kind. Awesome.
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The archway where the controversial interior bathroom window will go was opened up last week and we think it looks fantastic. It makes it feel like the bedroom and bathroom are part of one long continuous suite. Definitely strong support for one of our guiding design principles–to bring as much natural light into the middle of the house. That and more on the Reno blog.
Interior Bathroom Window [Renovation Blog]