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Here’s a photo of one of the doors for sale or trade in today’s Forum. We’ve got another great salvage piece coming your way tomorrow as well. We’d love it if we could get a decent flow of architectural salvage going on Brownstoner. In fact, if we get a few more submissions over the next week or so, we’ll consider creating a new section devoted just to salvage. Wouldn’t that be fun?
4 Original Doors [Brownstoner Forum]


Evidently, toilet technology is improving all the time, but certain laws of physics continue to govern the process:

Flushing toilets is all about physics and stored potential energy. The water that is at rest in the tank just before the flush has the ability to do work because of its weight and the pull of gravity once the flush handle is activated. For the flush to be complete, this water needs to enter the bowl as rapidly as possible and encounter as little friction as possible as it leaves the bowl on its way to the drain. You can buy toilets that have enormous three and one-quarter inch flush valve openings at the bottom of the tank. These same toilets have fully-glazed trapways so the water and waste slips through the toilet with minimal friction.

Toilets Just Keep Getting Better [Ask the Builder via Apartment Therapy]


We wanted to make sure that everyone saw this fireplace that is being offered on Craigslist for $1,000. The scavengers at Apartment Therapy highlighted it yesterday, so we don’t know if it’s still available, but $1,000 is about a good a price as you find for this type of thing. If this one’s gone, Build It Green may still have one left for
the same price.
Antique Fireplace Mantel [Craigslist]
Scavenger [Apartment Therapy]
Two Marble Fireplaces for Sale at BIG [Brownstoner]


We’ve been keeping an eye out for a lamp post that would work in our front yard, but have yet to come across one at any of the local architectural salvage spots we frequent. To better define what would be appropriate, we photographed several within a block of our house. Another option that has surfaced is using an old newel as the post and attaching a lantern to the top of it. Does anyone know if you need Landmarks approval to put one of these in?


Well, folks, better late than never. We finally got our act together and got the new floorplans up on the Renovation blog along with a brief synopsis that includes some of the rationale driving the layout decisions. We hope that this new context will make all the daily posts we do about the renovation much more interesting. We’ll be interested to see what everyone thinks, but it’s too late now to change anything!
We’ve made our bed and hopefully soon
we’ll be able to lie in it.
Floorplans [Renovation Blog]


Here’s a shot of the salvaged parquet we are laying down in what will be our “Music Room”. (All that really means is that it’s where our upright piano and record collection will live, conveniently located between the living room and dining room.) We’re pretty pleased with how it’s looking so far but won’t really be able to tell until all the floors are sanded and refinished. Check it.
Laying Salvaged Parquet [Renovation Blog]


When we mentioned on the Renovation Blog that we were going to be installing Toto toilets, one reader had a particularly negative reaction, going as far as calling them “the worst kind of hype-y junk.” Now we consider ourselves open-minded and we don’t profess to have any special knowledge about this most necessary of all plumbing fixtures, so we thought we’d appeal to our benevolent readership. Plus, Apartment Therapy had the Smallest Apartment contest and Curbed is running a contest to rename neighborhoods, so we figured we’d have our own contest of a sort: Pick Brownstoner’s Throne. That’s right. Help us figure out the best crapper in the land for our hard earned dollars and win [insert cheap laugh here] our everlasting gratitude.
Vintage Sink for Rental Bathroom [Renovation Blog]