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As many of you have noticed, after his most recent set-back with the LPC, Shahn Andersen has decided to pull the plug on the Cambridge Renovation blog. That, combined with the fact that the site has been too light on the renovation front in recent months, means we are looking for a new reno blogger. If you’ve recently started a townhouse renovation or will be getting going in the next month or so, please email us. You don’t have to be doing the work yourself (we certainly didn’t), but we want someone who will be in the trenches and at least a gung-ho weekend warrior. A fairly thick skin is also required. We assume most folks reading this will be from Brooklyn, but it’s not a necessity–Harlem could be fun too.


Who knew that while we were scandalizing a portion of the Brownstoner readership last year with our installation of a salvaged paned window into the wall between our bedroom and bathroom (shown here mid-reno) there was a whole wave of renovators doing the same thing only on a more expensive and modern level? The motivation seems to be the same: To bring in some natural light into an otherwise closed-off space. Some of the examples in yesterday’s NY Times article are far more risque than ours, which is visible only from the master bedroom, as opposed to to the living room. That would be a bit much even for us.
Who Needs Bathroom Privacy? [NY Times]


We got cracking on our garden this weekend. Our contractor had removed the old tool shed that was in the yard when we bought the house. Other than that, this was unchartered territory. A few hours and a few aches and pains later, we had generated six contractor bags of leaves and garbage and two large bundles of vines that we had carted away Sunday afternoon. We suspect that we weren’t the only ones working in our garden this weekend.


The Wall Street Journal recently listed its go-to choices for home design and renovation web sites. We reprint the list below, with the names in each category ranked in descending order of expense (i.e., the most expensive name comes first):


Art and Decoration


Wallpaper & Fabric

Decorators Name Names [Wall Street Journal]


It’s been our experience that you have to sort through a lot of crap on Ebay to find any interesting architectural salvage. This set of antique Victorian exterior doors caught our eye though. Closing in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, the auction has no bids yet and a starting bid of $100. One catch: You have to pick up the doors yourself in Schenevus, NY.
Antique Victorian Doors [Ebay]


It’d been a while since we checked in with Craig and Yvonne over at Our Victorian House and, man, we’d forgotten what a bunch of maniacs these guys are! They really live and breathe restoration. To refresh, Craig and Yvonne bought their Victorian woodframe house back in 2001 and have been painstakingly doing a period restoration themselves. While we’re not sure we’d want to live in such exacting period detail ourselves, we are still blown away by what they’ve done in rooms like the parlor (pictured above). So check it out–it’s a far superior reno blog to our own!
Parlor Floor Photos [Our Victorian House]
Renovation Tip: Recruit Relatives [Brownstoner]