WSJ: Couple Built Unusual Home in Boerum Hill


The Wall Street Journal toured the house at 362 Pacific Street, a once-vacant lot purchased by an architect and landscape designer couple in 1996 for $50,044. As you can imagine, the exterior, garden and other aspects of the home are unique: Features include a custom-built stairway to support a bookcase, an elevator, penthouse, roof deck, basement swimming pool and wine cellar. Unit 2 is for sale for $3.8 million and comprises the second floor, third floor and penthouse floor (which includes an outdoor deck). The couple has lived in the building since 1998, and according to the Wall Street Journal, converted the two-family to condos in 2007. Another unit (which includes the ground floor and two-thirds of the first floor) is separately owned.
A Home From the Ground up in Brooklyn [WSJ]
Listing: 362 Pacific Street [Corcoran]

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