Windsor Terrace Residents Still Fighting Walgreens


The residents of Windsor Terrace continue to fight against the Walgreen’s planned for the space that used to house the neighborhood’s only grocery store. Residents started a website, Green Beans Not Walgreens, which states, “Walgreens claims they will offer ‘expanded food offerings,’ but the store they are planning would not include meats, fish, a bakery, or many other items that Windsor Terrace residents need from a grocery store. Less than one-third of the small store would be devoted to food items.” So far Walgreens has rejected the neighbors demands that it either terminate its lease or include a full-service grocery store. More than 1,000 residents have signed the petition against the mega-chain’s arrival. There will be a community meeting on the matter on Monday, July 30th, and then a rally outside the site on August 1st.
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Photo via Green Beans Not Walgreens

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