Williamsburg is Getting a Whole Foods!


Today the New York Post reports that Brooklyn’s second Whole Foods—or perhaps its first, depending on how long the Gowanus build takes—will come Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. The exact address is 242 Bedford, by North 4th Street, the site of building that has been a stalled eyesore for years. (The rendering above, by the way, is quite old, and perhaps no longer accurate.) The building will also have a New York Sports Club and luxury apartments above the gym and grocery. A bit more on how it’s all going to work: “Other sources say the Whole Foods will have a 9,000-square-foot entrance on the ground floor with the remaining 30,000 square feet underground. Retail asking rents are $150 a square foot on the ground, with much less for the upstairs and downstairs portions. Similarly, the New York Sports Club starts out with 700 square feet on the ground and takes up a portion of the second floor for a total of about 15,000 square feet.” Rumors about Whole Foods setting up shop in WIlliamsburg have been around for ages (though they’re never as popular as the Starbucks-is-coming rumors) but this time around it’s sounding like it’s definitely happening. Along with the Gowanus store, that means Brooklyn should have two Whole Foods within the next few years. Now where’s our Apple Store?
Whole Foods in Billyburg [NY Post] GMAP

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