LPC Considering Crown Heights North Phase III Today


The Landmarks Preservation Commission is holding a public hearing today on the proposed designation of the Crown Heights North III Historic District, which consists of approximately 640 homes between Albany and Brooklyn avenues. The first phase of the district was made up of 472 homes, followed by last year’s landmarking of an area with 610 more houses in the second phase. According to the LPC Designation Report [pdf], “The proposed Crown Heights North III Historic District contains a rich variety of late-19th- and early-20th-century residential buildings, including long blocks of well-preserved row houses, the inviting enclaves of Revere, Virginia, and Hampton places, and an extraordinary collection of ‘Kinko’ houses—perhaps the most extensive and varied group of these remarkable two-family houses in the entire city. It also includes one of the neighborhood’s great houses of worship, the former Shaari Zedek Synagogue (Simeon D. Eisendrath and B. Horitz, 1922-25) at the southeast corner of Kingston Avenue and Park Place.” You can see some photographs of noteable buildings in the district here. Check back for a report on today’s hearing.

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