The Squibb Park Bridge is Open!


The Squibb Park Bridge opened today, connecting Brooklyn Height’s Squibb Park to the rest of Brooklyn Bridge Park. The bridge, quite a sight to behold, is made of Black Locust timber and bronze and galvanized steel connections. In the design phase, the bridge was envisioned as a gangway in homage to the gangways leading to the vessels back when the area was a shipping port. It consists of two under-slung suspension spans and 42-inch-high lighted railings. The under-slung design allows for some pretty great views of Downtown Manhattan. The bridge is also ADA accessible. The new bridge goes hand in hand with renovations to Squibb Park, which finished back in 2010. Construction of the bridge started up in the spring of 2012. We got to check out a close-up this December, when the bridge was still in two giant pieces inside Brooklyn Bridge Park. Check out more images after the jump!

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