The Big Reveal: 110 Amity + 314 Hicks


Two townhouse projects in Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill recently lost scaffolding. The first is 110 Amity Street, the single family, Cobble Hiill townhouse already under ownership. (It is next door to the larger townhouse project under construction at the old Lamm Institute.) It pretty much turned out like the rendering. The second is Brooklyn Heights’ 314 Hicks Street, on the corner of State Street. It’s a “modern reinterpretation” of a single-family townhouse, but this one’s still on the market. According to the developer’s website, it’s still asking $6.4 million. Like the way they turned out?
The New Build Next to 110 Amity Street [Brownstoner] GMAP
Townhouse Going Up at 314 Hicks Street [Brownstoner] GMAP

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