Streetlevel: Secret Restaurant Behind Loki Lounge


The Brooklynian boards are buzzing about this new restaurant hidden behind Loki Lounge. The entrance is on 2nd Street, through a courtyard behind the bar. They’re still in the soft-opening stage, and the owners at Loki aren’t ready to divulge the official name of the place, but somebody spotted a menu posted outside and its working title seems to be Benchmark. Brooklynian Zebra, who dined there over the weekend, writes, “I had a very nice ribeye steak, a salad with goat cheese, truffle oil & yuca, and some remarkably good spaetzle as a side…. The place reminds me of the late Tempo more than anything… a little New American, a little Italian, a little Austrian.” Has anybody else checked it out? GMAP

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