Stopping in at the Park Slope “Tighthouse”


    Recently we checked in with architect (and Hot Seat interviewee!) Julie Torres Moskovitz on her firm’s Passive House project at 23 Park Place. For those confused about what a passive house is, she explains: “The Passive House standard focuses on 5 main strategies: 1. Insulate strategically; 2. Stop thermal bridges; 3. Achieve air tightness; 4. Install high-performing windows for thermal comfort; and 5. Reduce mechanical systems with heat recovery ventilation.” 23 Park Place, dubbed the “Tighthouse,” just met the air tightness requirement of a passive house, actually reaching a record “air tightness” level for any NYC passive house. (A certified passive house is 15 times tighter than current building norms.) Interior work on the project isn’t done yet, but Julie says: “We feel good about the air tightness result we just received because it implies that the existing building stock in urban settings can achieve high energy performance results with some investment and care.” Click through for pictures of the project.
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    Skylight, “air tight” detail

    Facade and drainage board

    Window header detailing

    Window tape and membrane

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