Speed Bumps Coming to Streets Surrounding Barclays


    The Department of Transportation is rushing to install speed bumps within a one-half mile radius of the arena site in anticipation of the Barclays’ opening on September 28th, said Council Member Tish James in an announcement posted today by the Washington Avenue Prospect Heights Association. Here are the locations: Ashland Place between Lafayette Avenue and Hanson Place; Carlton Avenue between Atlantic Avenue and Fulton Street; Plaza Street West between Lincoln Place and Berkeley Place; Plaza Street West between Berkeley Place and Union Street; Clinton Avenue between Atlantic Avenue and Fulton Street; Prospect Place between Carlton Avenue to Vanderbilt Avenue; Prospect Place between Vanderbilt Avenue to Underhill Avenue; Prospect Place between Underhill Avenue to Washington Avenue; Sterling Place between Washington Avenue and Underhill Avenue; and Washington Avenue between Gates Avenue and Greene Avenue. The DOT is also working with Community Board Two and residents of Boerum Hill to create a neighborhood slow zone there, which will include more speed bumps.
    Photo by atlanticyardswebcam02

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