Snowden Bust Atop Prison Ship Martyrs Monument Covered by Noon


    Just before dawn this morning, a group of artists installed a bust of famed NSA leaker Edward Snowden on a short column at the far edge of the Prison Ship Martyrs monument in Fort Greene Park, according to Animal New York. The Parks Department tied a tarp over the bust around noon, hiding it from the public.

    Vine Community Manager Jeremy Cabalona filmed both the installation and the subsequent coverup, which he posted to Vine. The identities of the artists were not revealed.

    The reworked monument wasn’t visible for long. Did anyone catch this in person?

    There’s a Massive Illicit Bust of Eward Snowden Stuck to a War Monument in Brooklyn [Animal NY]
    The NYC Parks Department Covering the Edward Snowden Sculpture [Jeremy Cabalona]
    Photo by Jeremy Cabalona for Vine

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